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Ask for a cup of Acorn Tea at these restaurants!

​For Retailers and Restaurants:






  • Add a little extra bit of Austin to your establishment: Acorn tea is made from acorns gathered off of Live Oak trees around Austin deep in the heart of Texas. It is a unique, local product that is as cool and weird as Austin itself.

  • Easy: The tea comes in an easy to make concentrate form. Simply add hot water or ice water to make tea by the cup or in a larger container and serve all day. Tea is ordered on an as needed basis.

  • Low Risk: We provide set number of bottle of Acorn to your business as needed per month. You only pay us for the ones you actually use.

  • Help out a fellow local business to boost local economy.

  • The product is healthy and all natural. There are no artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives.

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